ECS Labourer Card


There are new requirements that must be met when you send in an application for an Electrical Labourer card, or you need to renew an existing card. The new requirements can be found here.

You will need an Electrical Labourer ECS card if you work in a supporting role to qualified electricians as well as other qualified staff. The card is necessary if the work involves installing cables and unskilled work that is carried out under supervision. When you hold an ECS Labourer card, you can assist but you cannot carry out the work a qualified electrician performs in their working capacity. In short, the labourer has a specific role within the grading structure as set out by JIB.

You could obtain an ECS Labourer card if you are not able to meet the specific requirements relating to other cards. An example being as an Installation Electrician. It is worth noting that when you hold an Electrician Labourer card, it is possible to upgrade your status to an ECS gold card, but only after you have obtained the necessary qualifications.

Requirements and Eligibility for an ECS Labourer Card

There are two routes to obtaining an ECS Labourer card which are explained below.

Route 1

You have already obtained a JIB-approved electrical theory qualification which includes a C&G 2365, 2330 or 2360 (or EAL equivalents) you can obtain a Labourer card. A full list of approved qualifications can be found here.

However, please note that JIB only recognises the Health & Safety element of the qualifications to gain a Labourer card. You must also pass the ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment to obtain the card.

Route 2

You don’t have a JIB-approved theory qualification. If this is the case you will need to have successfully completed one of the following H&S courses:

  • CCNSG Safety Passport – National Course or Renewal Course
  • IOSH Working Safely which you cannot online but only at an IOSH Approved Centre Classroom with an invigilator present
  • Safety Passport Alliance (SPA) Core H&S Course
  • IOSH Safety, Health & Environment for Construction Site Workers with the proviso being the assessment is taken at an IOSH Approved Centre Classroom with an Invigilator present
  • CITB Health and Safety Awareness: Site Safety Plus  which can be done both in a physical classroom and remotely with invigilated versions

You need to take a separate ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment if any of the courses above were passed over three years prior to you applying for a Labourer card. However, if you passed any of the courses listed above within the last three years, you are not obliged to take the separate ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment.

You also need to provide proof of engagement within the electrotechnical industry. When an employer makes a Labourer card application through their Employer Portal, proof has already been provided. However, other proof could include the following:

  • Written employer reference confirming you are in their employment
  • If you are typically employed through an employment business, you can provide a signed letter from the said business confirming the dates you were engaged as an Electrical Labourer
  • An electrical certificate or qualification, or an enrolment on a course that is relevant
  • A contract of employment/offer letter/ payslip from an electrotechnical company or similar business

Where You can Find H&S Courses

There are various training providers who offer acceptable H&S courses. These are listed below:

How You Can Apply For Your ECS Labourer Card

If you have not held an ECS Labourer card before, there is a procedure to follow which is detailed below:

  • Register for a MyECS account which then allows you to file your application online via your ECS portal. Furthermore, you can also track the progress of your application via your MyECS account
  • Make sure you check what qualifications are needed to obtain your ECS Labourer card. You must provide evidence that you have the necessary qualifications to obtain your card. The proof can be in the form of scans, and/or good quality digital images of your certificates/qualifications. Without the required proof, you cannot obtain your Labourer card
  • Check that you meet the Health & Safety requirements needed to obtain a Labourer card. This can be achieved by taking the ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment. However, you could be exempt if you hold, or are planning to take a separate qualification which is specific to a Labourer Card

The Cost of an ECS Labourer Card

If you make your application for an ECS Labourer card via your MyECS portal, the cost is automatically calculated by the system. You can pay for your card by debit or credit card once your application is completed. Also, the cost will vary as it depends whether you are a JIB member.

That said, the standard price for an initial ECS card for non-JIB members is set at £40 exclusive of VAT. If you happen to be an employed member of a JIB Member Company and they are making the application for an initial grade card on your behalf, there is no charge.

When you are renewing an ECS Labourer card, you must do so 3 months before your current card expires. The cost to renew your card is £30 exclusive of VAT.

How Long it Takes to Get an ECS Labourer Card

It typically takes about 2 to 3 weeks to obtain your ECS card providing all the information you provided in your application is correct. However, if more information or further investigations are needed, it may take longer to receive your ECS Labourer card.

Application Checklist

Register a MyECS account. You need to provide the following:

  • Private email address
  • National Insurance Number
  • Date of Birth
  • ECS Card Number (if you have a card and need to re-register)
  • ECS Test assessment number (if you have already have it)

Please also take the following into account:

  • Employers can apply for multiple ECS cards for employees at the same time
  • You must provide information relating to your qualifications whether high-quality scans or good quality digital images
  • You must have passed the ECS Health, Safety and Environment Assessment within the last 2 years although if you hold specific qualifications, you may be exempt
  • Submit your application and track the progress via your MyECS portal bearing in mind that it takes around 2 to 3 weeks, or sometimes longer for a card to be issued. The card will be sent to you in the mail. That said, there is an ECS Premium Service that fast tracks an application.